Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home for Christmas!

We are thankful that Fred came home from the hospital three days before Christmas. He was delighted to have the whole family together- hectic but good.
Our family now includes baby Alexandra Marie Heil, born on December 12. She was baptized at our parish, St Patrick's, on December 26th.

Our grandchildren are a wonderful and lively group! They had fun together.
Luis' birthday is two days before Christmas, and Carolyn coordinated an 80's themed celebration.

Our family includes both Eagles and Vikings fans, so we anticipated the playoff game between our teams on Sunday Jan. 4th.
We are enjoying our unexpected and enjoyable post season run with Lydia.
We look forward to the New Year, and hope to grow in gratitude to God for the many gifts He gives us.


Catherine Berg said...

Mom and Dad, Thank you for an amazing time at home. We love you and loved seeing you!! I love the pictures too. Miss you already!

Anonymous said...

so great to see the pix! I'm glad i knew that Cal was having an 80's party for Luis...otherwise i was wondering about her choice in sweaters :)

our little brown life said...

Thanks for the pics Mom. I haven't quite gotten around to the post Christmas point of organizing pictures so it's great to see what you posted (and Cath too). Jaye- my 80's costume is actually a sweater Mom saved from childhood. Apparently I lived in it and she saved it for me. But instead I'm using it as a tribute costume to the 80's- Luis and I's era of choice.
Thanks again Mom- great post,

John Pierce said...

Hey Mom,
Any new updates?
I'd love to know more about what's happening at 4 Line!