Friday, February 13, 2009

Making Snowmen with the Browns

On Saturday Feb. 7 we had the perfect day for making snowmen.
The temperature was in the 40's, and the snow was just the right consistency.
Fred was happy to have the driveway free of snow so he could do some driving, and keep an eye on the proceedings.
We were glad to have a hill as we rolled the snowballs.

A job well done!
Grandmom Lorrie's first snowman in many years, completed with the help of Gabe.

Our snowmen sporting some Mouse ears.
We had a springlike thaw overnight. They'll be back again some day!


Jennifer F. said...

wow..are you guys kidding me with the snowmen? they are very well done.

so fun!!!

i miss the snow!!

xoxo and happy vday,

Anonymous said...

how fun!!! I love the pictures and i can see how happy Fred is to be outside!!!!

Mary Kate said...

Cute! We have gotten a little but of snow, but not enough to make any snow men!!!I miss you guys!
Love, Mary Kate

Catherine Berg said...

Adorable pictures, Mom! Thanks for sharing! I hope the snow has melted... I was so happy to find that our snowman finally melted while we were gone this past week... we built it in December, and it has been staring at me for the ast 2 months. But now he is gone now. I hope you are feeling well and taking it easy. We love you!

Catherine Berg said...

I love the mickey mouse snowman the best!

Jacks3607 said...

Great photos! I think Grandmas make great snowmen (my Mom likes to help my kids when it snows :)

John Pierce said...

Jen, don't lie, you don't miss the snow.

Although it does look like fun....