Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lively Lydia

Lydia Catherine Heil is now one year old! She is a great combination of her mommy and daddy.
Lydia is animated and talkative(who does that sound like?)
Celebrating the gift of Lydia!
The next generation of Villanova Wildcats!

Enjoying Lydia's first birthday party
I love my daddy!
Cousins are the best!

That cake tastes good!

Lydia exudes joie de vivre ( my favorite French phrase)- a great joy of life!


The Schultz Family said...

What a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Lorrie. But who else is in the photos?

Love ya,


Catherine Berg said...

I love the photos! It looks like Lydia had quite the first birthday party. Im sad we missed it...

Lorrie and Fred said...

Dear Cathy, Jen and Matthew invited an eclectic bunch for Lydia's birthday- family and friends, including some fellow Villanova Wildcats, and work colleagues. The Norton family of Matt and Mary and kids are classmates of Cath's from Franciscan but transcend that distinction and are friends of the whole Pierce family. Mary was one of Cath's bridesmaids.

Jacks3607 said...

Lydia is so cute and reminds me so much of Jen when she was that age!