Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy First Birthday Monica!

Enjoying a hug from John Paul!
Sharing a giggle with Mommy

It's great to visit with Aunt Catherine and Lydia.
I love my family!

Having fun with Grandmom

I like to play with Lydia, but I may need some help soon!

Chatting with Grandad
I like this ride. Let's do it again!

I wonder what the next year will be like?


Catherine Berg said...

So Adorable, Mom! Beautiful pictures of Monica. I love how you write your blogs with the photo and then a caption. It is very well done. I love you.

Jacks3607 said...

Great pictures! Your kids were so cute but I think your grandkids may take the cake - the cuteness gene is alive and well!

our little brown life said...

Wow Mom- thanks for the amazing little post with pictures and notes- that heritage making scrapbooking really paid off as you're a pro at throwing together tribute pages. I love the pictures of Monica especially the ones from the Dutch Wonderland weekend...where she's side by side with Dad in her stroller and then her on her first "ride."
Thanks again!

teresa anthony said...

I can't believe I somehow missed commenting on this post. Charming, charming pictures, Lorrie. My personal favorite was the very last one of Monica gazing out the window coupled with your caption that she is pondering all that life will hold in the upcoming year. That's fabulous!

Happy Birthday again, Monica!

Love, Teresa