Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Champions!!!!

We are so proud of our Phillies for their incredible teamwork, perseverance, and devotion to each other. They are a great example to us and have brought joy to all long suffering Philadelphia sports fans!!! We're looking forward to the parade!


Catherine Berg said...

I am so happy for everyone, but especially you, Dad! I know how happy you must be for your Phillies. This picture is one of my all time favorites .
Thanks for sharing, Mom!
Love you

Jennifer F. said...

Go PHils GO!!!!! My poor husband is still mourning his beloved Dodgers loss to the Phillies on their path to be the World Series Champions, but alas, it is Philadelphia's time!!

Here's to the city of Brotherly Love!!!

teresa anthony said...


I couldn't be more happy for you all - Lorrie, Fred and Greg!!

I have fond memories of being pulled into Fred's exuberant joy back in '81 ( I think it was '81?). I remember being very proud of the fact that I knew who Mike Schmidt was and considered myself a "diehard" fan in elementary school and could talk about the ins and outs of the world series with all the boys in 3rd grade.

So go Phillies Go!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're celebrating!!! The parade sure would have been fun!