Friday, October 3, 2008

That Was the Week That Was

Whew! This week has been jam packed and extremely tiring. Outpatient doctor visits, many phone calls, several visits with nurses and therapists, coordinating blood draws for lab work, and last but not least, a five hour visit to Paoli Hospital's ER on Wed. We had a cardiology appointment that morning, and as we were leaving I got concerned that the catheter in Fred's kidney might have slipped out of place, because there was drainage I hadn't seen before. After waiting for a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis, and xrays, it turned out that the catheter was right where it was supposed to be. We needed those tests anyway for the urologist. I'll feel better when Fred has the procedure to remove the kidney stones, and I don't have to deal with the catheter to drain his kidney. It's attached to Fred by two stitches, and makes me nervous because it seems so easy to pull out. During the last three weeks I realized that I have had to explain the story of Fred's accident and injuries many times to doctors, nurses, and therapists, which is emotionally draining. Fred has been waking up more at night, and all that interrupted sleep takes it's toll. I had a few meltdowns today and could commiserate with Teresa of Avila; "If this is how you treat your friends Lord, no wonder you don't have many!" However, the last day of a very trying week contained it's own measure of comic relief. This morning at 8:45 I had successfully helped Fred with his morning routine, given him his IV antibiotic, and was watching as he sat in his motorized chair at the table with a lovely breakfast, supervised by the speech therapist. I was feeling proud of myself for these accomplishments in my sleep deprived state. All of a sudden Fred's chair starting moving forward, tipping the table on top of his therapist, who was trapped in the corner with Fred's big chair moving closer. Fred's control for the chair had become stuck under the table with the power on. I madly scrambled to turn off the chair in the nick of time! His therapist seemed none the worst for wear, but I had seen fear in her eyes. Fred and that humongous wheelchair can be a formidable combination, and that was a close call. This too shall pass!


mheil said...

Wow, what an incredibly trying week...and I thought moving Jen across the country was tough work! We are so proud of you for all that you do for Dad Pierce. It is yet another testimony to the enduring sacrificial love that marriage calls us to... and I love the St. Theresa of Avila quote!!!

Anonymous said...

hang in there Lorrie! You know from too much experience that there will be weeks like these, but that fortunately things do settle back down...
I'm glad the speech therapist is okay :) That was a funny image!!!
And i can commiserate with you on how difficult it is to constantly have to re-tell the terrible story (in my case, of Sharon's birth) to every new doctor, therapist, etc. It never gets easier!
Here's praying that you get a physical and emotional break very soon!!!!