Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Today we celebrate the gift of Catherine in our lives!
My girl!

Thank you Catherine for being you!
A loving wife and mother, and devoted daughter, sister, and friend.
May God abundantly bless the coming year of your life!


Jacks3607 said...

Amen to that!

Catherine Berg said...

Awwww, Mom, thanks for the post and compliments! I love you and grateful to you and Dad for life!

our little brown life said...

Happy Birthday Cath! Hard to believe my little sister is 28! You have so many amazing qualities, both naturally because of who you are and also some that you have worked hard to acquire. I especially admire your attitude about life in MN and being a mom...you know your purpose and have developed over time the kind of perseverance and stamina that I truly envy in a good way. Cheers to Cath!

The Schultz Family said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Catherine!! My fellow May birthday girl! Love you lots,


Mary Kate said...

Happy B-day Catherine! I can't wait until we see you guys again! (Hopefully sometime this year!) ☻
Love, Mary Kate

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATH! I'm so sorry i missed it! I've never been good about any of your b-days except Cal's because it's 20 days before mine...
This is such a nice set of pix and tribute to you and your spirit! I hope you always keep your energy and positive attitude! It's sort of summed of for me by an annual memory i have of you: no matter what was going on, how busy people were or what, you ALWAYS set out to decorate for Christmas and nothing would stop you. That sums you up in a lot of ways!!!! love you!!