Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer Fun with the Browns

The quintessential summer treat- Rita's Water Ice!

We had a great day at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. There is a magnificent restored carousel, over a hundred years old, that is now wheelchair accessible.

Monica makes music, not surprising considering her parents' talents!
This keyboard was so much fun I couldn't resist stepping on it too.

The child sized grocery store is a very popular place. The aisles were jammed with shoppers!

Monica turned two! She is an adventurous girl who does a great job of keeping up with her brothers.

It's fun to be a girl!

Monica displays her determination to get that pinata open! The group effort succeeded eventually and a good time was had by all.


Catherine Berg said...

Great pictures, Mom! My favorite one is of Monica with her umbrella... priceless! That Please Touch Museum is really incredible too. Thanks for sharing Mom!

Anonymous said...

great pictures! and it was great to see you all this weekend! yay!
I love the pix of the birthday...and the pinata...hopefully it was more successful than the one we had when the Browns were here!

teresa anthony said...

Mom (Barbara) writes:

Lorrie, it was so wonderful that you were able to be with Luis and Carolyn and their delightful children. I loved seeing Monica's birthday pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Love, MOM