Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Fun in Minnesota

At the end of September I enjoyed a wonderful visit with the Bergs in their inviting home. Their neighborhood has great parks within walking distance, and lakes very close by. Catherine makes the most of nice weather, and she knows how to have fun!

I got a preview of the kids Halloween costumes!
The Bergs' dear family friends live in the same neighborhood, so we walked Frederick's friend and classmate home.
We picked some strawberries in September!

Frederick attends kindergarten at the school where Catherine taught. I got a quick tour of Frederick's classroom.
Catherine planned an apple picking outing at a farm. We rode in a wagon to get to the orchards, which had abundant apples on low hanging branches, perfect for the kids.

Catherine also planned a sightseeing tour on Lake Minnetonka. It was very beautiful, and we caught glimpses of multimillion dollar estates dotting the shoreline. (It's prime real estate since downtown Minneapolis is a ten minute drive away.)

Thanks Catherine! Wish the fall weather lasted longer!!


Jacks3607 said...

Thanks for posting those wonderful pictures!!! What fun!

Catherine Berg said...

What a FUN visit we had! Thank you so much for making the effort to come, Mom. Thank you, Dad, for letting her come, and sacrificing while she was gone, espeically when you got sick. We wish you could have been here, too. And thank you, Greg, for all your help with Dad while Mom was here.
Great pictures!! Love you.

Anonymous said...

So nice!!! Thanks for the pixtures lorrie!!!

teresa anthony said...

Fun pictures - thanks for sharing them, Lorrie. Catherine - what a great little family you have!

Love, Teresa

John Pierce said...

These pics are adorable. Glad you had fun.
Can't wait to see everyone over the holidays!

teresa anthony said...

Mom (Barbara) writes:

Lorrie it's so wonderful that you are able to see Catherine in Minnesota and Jen in California. Your grandchildren are such delightful little ones.

Love, Mom

Mark said...

Dear Lorrie and Fred,
I've seen all your pictures on this blog, and it's great to feel apart of your life and your children's and grandchildren's lives.
Thanks for keeping us updated.