Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enjoying Edina

In May, I spent a week in Minnesota after Gemma was born. Catherine was a most welcoming hostess to her delightful home!
I saw Jack in action, a focused athlete. He took every opportunity to shoot hoops, inside and out!

Catherine and Tom's backyard is a child's dream come true with a great playset, beautiful trees and gardens, and a train that drives by every day!
A short walk from the Berg home is a bridge where Jack enjoys throwing twigs into the stream below.
Down the path from the stream is a wonderful park, a Berg family favorite.

The emerald grass of the Berg yard sparkled in the May sun. Frederick and I teamed up to plant some flowers!
Frederick watered thoroughly and Jack couldn't be more pleased with the "wa wa"!
Tom and Catherine keep their yard in tip top shape, and make time for some fun.
We've been seeing only a little bit of St Paul during the Republican convention. St Paul also contains the Como Zoo, where we had a close encounter with a lion.
The Zoo has a beautiful conservatory, where the Berg family examined the fish ( a serious family occupation).

Frederick enjoyed the May sunshine, and pondered his future!
Jack loves life! He recently turned two(July 24) and brings much happiness to us all!
Beautiful Catherine is a devoted wife and mother, with little Gemma nestled close. Minneapolis and Lake Harriet are in the background.
I listened in on Tom's bedtime stories, a big hit with the boys and the giraffes. No one wanted them to end!

I had a lovely visit with Catherine and Tom and their beautiful family and heartily recommend a May visit to Minnesota!


our little brown life said...

Mom- you're the consistent Master of tribute pages!
All that's left is to post a thorough post about the adventures of you and Greg in Manayunk!
This really is a great post and another way we can all stay connected through cyberspace despite the distance in real space.
I agree. Cath & Tom have it made out there in Edina. We loved visiting them. I think they think we have it made more here in Old Town. The grass is indeed always greener!!!
Love you Mom & Dad,
Cal & Co.

Catherine Berg said...

What a nice post!! Thanks for the tribute - I think you should go professional with your writing skills. These posts will be treasures for the Granchildren when they are older. What fun pictures, and what a memorable time that visit was. It is hard to belive that it is already September, and we are already getting cold again, YIKES! I am not ready for cold weather again.
We love you so much. Gemma and I are so very excited to spend the weekend with you.
Please give Dad a big kiss from all of us!!!

teresa anthony said...

Wonderful post, Lorrie.

Catherine - I want to come! Minnesota is calling me. You and Tom are creating a beautiful home with love and sweetness and joy.

If you would allow me to offer another perspective on the cold temperatures: Scott has now had the privilege to speak in North Dakota twice and northern Minnesota once. Each time he was able to meet many teenagers and their families, and the thing that impressed him all three visits, was how, (and I cringe knowing how this word can be construed,) "wholesome" the teenagers were. They were just as familiar with modern culture as teens anywhere else, it's just that the climate in the North meant that they spent much more time at home with their families, during the long cold winters. All the teens and parents he talked to agreed that it really made a difference - they felt their families were very close knit.

So your Minnesota winters might provide other far reaching blessings.

Thanks for the great pictures and for sharing those wonderful memories, Lorrie.

The Schultz Family said...

Lorrie, this is a beautiful post! I love the pictures and your stories about the trip. And it's wonderful to see you as a Grandma. You seem to be a big hit in the role!

I'm going to try to toss my family in the car and make it up to Minneapolis in December after my semester ends. Catherine, feel free to hold me to that!