Friday, September 26, 2008

No Place Like Home

By noon today Fred was dressed and ready for the outside world after two weeks in Paoli Hospital! Fred's nurse today said, "Everybody loves him! You can't resist that smile."
A bright spot during Fred's stay was the presence of dear family friend and neighbor Peg Maguire! The Pierce and Maguire families have been friends for almost sixty years. She has been faithfully volunteering at Paoli Hospital for three decades, and made the atmosphere more homey and welcoming! Fred also had daily visits from St. Patrick's parishioners and our deacon, who brought the Eucharist and prayed with Fred. What a great comfort! Fred said it made him feel great.
Peg insisted on helping to bring Fred to our van. She is quite a woman! When we arrived home, we immediately had a meeting with a nurse from Jefferson Home Care whom we have known for many years. She refreshed my IV medication infusion skills, since Fred needs an IV antibiotic three times a day for the next ten days. Fred also needs a twice daily injection of heparin for now, and has some new medications added. Never a dull moment! We are very happy and thankful for Fred's return home. Our Phillies and Eagles will provide excitement since we'll be nesting at home for a while!! Thank you Lord for the gift of Fred's life, and for great medical care available practically in our backyard! We don't plan to darken the doorstep of Paoli Hospital again, though, God willing!


Catherine Berg said...

We are so happy that Dad is home!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mom. We are so excited to see you both in a few weeks. Thank God that Dad is better and that he is able to be in the comfort of his own room!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Thanks so much for having the presence of mind to take pictures Lorrie (well, you're never far from your camera are you??)...It's so nice to see that big grin on Fred's face! and wow, to see Peg is wonderful!!!
Enjoy being home!!!!!

teresa anthony said...

Fred's smile is beautiful, indeed!

Thank you so much for the pictures and update.

I know there is still a bit of recovery needed, but just say the word, and we'll plan a visit!

Love, Teresa

The Schultz Family said...

Yay!! We are so very happy that Fred is back home. The smile on Fred's face is priceless, and it doesn't surprise me that everyone at the hospital loves him. Fred is, hands down, the most lovable person I know!

Lorrie, you have been a tower of strength through all of this. We're so happy the crisis is passed, and we love you all so much.

Cathy and family