Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas with the Pierce Clan

Our family traveled across many miles to gather for a Christmas celebration- what a blessing for us!
There was a lot of action in Grandad's room. Gemma was pensive during a moment of quiet.
Catherine and John have been particularly dedicated Christmas helpers over the years!Christmas Eve dinner was delectable, a group effort orchestrated by Jen.

Twas the night before Christmas!

On the second day of Christmas we enjoyed a delicious meal with several courses paired with wine, served by Carolyn and Luis.

We each opened our "cracker", and donned our paper hats, a festive tradition borrowed from the English.

Frederick and John Paul offered a duet.

An electric Thomas the Train delighted everyone, set up in a corner of Grandad's room.

We went out to lunch two days after Christmas, and our fellow diner was Cardinal Foley, back in Philadelphia after many years in the Vatican. He very kindly paid a visit to our table. Over thirty years ago he and Fred had met when both were working at the Archdiocese.

Monica sparkled in her Christmas finery. We certainly had a merry Christmas with the whole family gathered!


The Schultz Family said...

Lorrie, I've been neglecting commenting on your wonderful string of posts lately, but I've been so enjoying them all! I have such great memories of Christmas at the 4 Line, and it's fun to see it both the same as I remember, and yet so different with all the adorable grandkids. What a houseful! Thanks so much for updating all the pics. You inspired me to finally finish my own Christmas blog post as well. Love you all!

The Schultz Family said...

And by the way, see Cal here reminds me how much I miss reading her blog. Cal, if you're reading this, write some posts. Please? I miss peeking in to the Brown family life!

Catherine Berg said...

Awww Mom, what great pictures! It was such a beautiful Christmas. These are memories that the children and the adults will cherish forever. I would love some copies of there pictures too...maybe the train ones?
That would be awesome.
Thanks Mom!
Loe you.

teresa anthony said...

What great pictures, Lorrie! I'm so glad you're updating your blog with all of these. Cathy's right - it's sweet and wonderful to think of all the changes the years bring. We had Christmas at 4 Line Rd. for so many years, from my teenage years through engagement, and then even quite a number of years into our marriage. I know we brought Mary Kate and Cecilia. It's getting fuzzy about when we stopped coming on Christmas Eve in time for the Children's Mass and Betty's sloppy joe's. But whenever it was, I'm so thankful that we do have all those wonderful memories with the Pierce's.

It's great to see all of you creating your new Christmas traditions as a beautiful growing family.

Thanks again for posting.

Love you, Teresa

Jacks3607 said...

wonderful pictures! Thanks for posting them - it is so fun to "see" your beautiful family!!!!

teresa anthony said...

Mom (Barbara) writes:

Lorrie and Fred,

All your grandchildren look so delightful and so sweet. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. THanks for sharing the pictures,

Love, Mom