Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Villanova Fan's Dream Come True!

Back in October Fred was in the ICU for a week with a serious infection. Carolyn's friend Barb talked to her brother George, a student manager at Villanova, and they planned something special to lift his spirits. Fred, recovering in the ICU, received a phone call from Scottie Reynolds! He told Fred that the whole team was thinking of him and hoping for a quick recovery, and he added, " I'm praying for you." George told us he would arrange for Fred to meet the team after a home game, and he was true to his word.
Fred was thrilled to thank Scottie in person for his phone call!

Two Villanova heros!
Scottie is one of the best college basketball players in the country, and an even better person off the court. He is leading the Wildcats, who now have their best school record in history, and are ranked # 3 in the country. We thank God for fine young men like him,and wish him the best!


The Schultz Family said...

Hey y'all,

Wow! Scottie Reynolds! It's neat to know he's such a cool human being. I've been watching your Wildcats and Scottie on tv every week or two. It seems like they are on all the time, as befits the number 3 team in the country. I always have warm feelings toward Villanova, knowing you guys are all pulling for them. Go Nova!

Brennan and I just spent the day at a "Klondike Camp" slogging through snow in 22 degree weather with a bunch of other scouts and webelos. Mostly fun, watching the kids use compasses and coordinates to move from one activity station to another through woods and fields. We made a fire with wood shavings and pine straw, then heated cans of soup and made bread on a stick. It took a good long soak in a hot bathtub before my joints got the "stiff" out of them.


Anonymous said...

oh so fun!! I'm so glad you are keeping up with the blog!!! I love each and every picture on here...all of the kids and family over the holidays, thanksgiving...such fun! I love the picture of Fred with the turkey's head because you can just see everyone laughing!!
We love you!! and love pictures!! thanks for keeping us all updated :)

Catherine Berg said...

I love these pictures!! It makes me so happy to see dad with Scottie Reynolds! What fun! Just so you know, Jack wears his Villanova Jersey at least once a week. We wish we could go to a game with you sometime. We love you!!