Monday, September 22, 2008

Cabin Fever

Fred is feeling better and getting antsy (which certainly runs in the family!). Yesterday evening his bed was switched to a nice soft Clinitron bed which he enjoys at home. Today he was doing fine with no supplemental oxygen. The pulmonologist said Fred's lungs sound better and that he's doing great! He had a video swallowing test, and was given the green light to eat pureed food and honey thick liquids with supervision. I don't think anyone could have enjoyed eating pureed meat and vegetables more than Fred. He proclaimed that his first meal in eleven days was "Delicious!" He also had some occupational and physical therapy at the bedside, and was assisted to a standing position with two therapists. His blood culture from 9-20 was positive today so he's going to be staying in his isolation room a while longer. We are very grateful for all the prayers and for Fred's miraculous turnaround!


Catherine Berg said...

Thanks for the update Mom! So great that Dad's lung are stronger and that he was breathing completely on his own today. So wonderful that he is able to eat pureed food too. Love and kisses froom all the Bergs!

Anonymous said...

oh, i know he was happy to eat! And hopefully finally drink some thick chocolate milk that he kept asking for???
Tell him i miss him! It was so wonderful to be able to just visit with him and have him all to myself for those hours :)
Tell him i finally made it to my first Sound of Music rehearsal and have to memorize lots of latin by Friday...

teresa anthony said...

Three cheers for pureed food - hip, hip, hooray! So glad to keep hearing about Fred's continued recovery.

What does it mean that his blood culture is positive? Does that mean he still has the blood infection?

We love you both!

Love, Teresa

Lorrie and Fred said...

Dear Teresa, I should have said that the blood culture is positive for bacterial growth. We want Fred's blood cultures to be negative- no growth and infection free)!Thanks for your prayers and love! Lorrie

teresa anthony said...

Thanks, Lorrie. That's what we'll pray for, then.

Love, Teresa