Sunday, September 21, 2008

Patient Endurance

Fred is doing better, thank God!! He did have low grade fevers yesterday;100.4 last night, and was given Tylenol. Since the doctor had decided on Friday the 19th to give him continuous tube feedings and nothing by mouth until another swallowing test on Monday, this has caused him discomfort. He frequently asks for something to drink. He has to stay in a semiupright position(30 degrees) all the time, and it's hard for him to relax enough to dose off. His bed is firm and very unlike the extremely comfortable bed he sleeps in at home. He has to keep the tubing in his nostrils in for extra oxygen, which he's not crazy about. The IV Picc line in his left arm was bothering him, and he has another tube in his back which is draining his kidney. No wonder that it's hard to get comfortable! Fred needs to stay in the hospital until all the IV antibiotics are finished and there are no signs of infection. Obviously, it's hard to get rest in a hospital, and especially the critical care unit where Fred spent four and a half days. This has been a very long weekend for Fred, who has patiently endured much suffering for the last ten days. His spirits are good through it all, and I am amazed at the miraculous power of prayer and the body's ability to heal!


Pat Diamond said...

As we proceed through this year prior to ordination, Fred and Lorrie are never far from our thoughts. Fred's presence at our homiletics sessions last semester was a great inspiration. My greatest wish is for Fred to be in the Cathedral on May 30th when our class receives orders.

The Schultz Family said...


I've been reading faithfully, though I've neglected giving feedback here; sorry! We were so relieved that Fred pulled through those scary days last week, but we're sorry he's in pain now. We'll continue to pray. You two are such troopers!

We love you,

Cathy and the fam

Catherine Berg said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Dad. PLEASE give him a huge hug and kiss from us. Its a good thing we didnt fly out this weekend. Everyone in the family is sick.. but we are so excited to be there in a few weeks. WE love you so so so much!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for keeping this up, Lorrie.
It is wonderful to know what is going on with you both.
Lots of Love to all,
Suzanne (and Eric of course!)

teresa anthony said...


Thank you for taking the time to update us on how our beloved Fred is. We are still praying, and sad to hear about his pain and discomfort. We love you both so much. Give him a big smooch on the cheek from all the kids and Scott and I.

Love, Teresa

Donna said...

Hi Lorrie,
Thank you so very much for the update. Please give Fred a big hug and a kiss. My thoughts and prayers have been with you both.
You both are awesome!!!