Friday, September 19, 2008

Steady Recovery!

Late this afternoon Fred was transferred from the ICU to the regular floor because he has been stable since he was taken off the ventilator. He is not allowed to drink or eat yet because he will get a video swallowing study next Monday, but he is receiving nutrition through stomach tube feedings. He is on 4 liters of oxygen, and that is an improvement from yesterday when he needed 6 liters. I talked with the home care case manager today. When Fred returns home we hope to work with the home care therapists and nursing staff who helped us when Fred was discharged from Moss Rehab three and a half years ago. Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and concern, and thank God for Fred, a great gift to us all!!


Jacks3607 said...

Amen! Uncle Fred is a great gift and a fiesty trooper too!!!!

Suzanne said...

So glad to read that things are progressing nicely.
You, Lorrei, are a gift to all of us. Such a tower of strength and beauty.
Eric and Suzanne